Membership in the Australian Land-based Anglers Asociation is now open!

Please read the following Membership Information and Benefits, Objectives, Code of Conduct and then complete the membership form to join ALBAA.

Membership Information and Benefits

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Our objectives are not just a prerequisite to form a club but are representative of the ideals we commit to as individuals and as a club

In applying for membership and paying your $50.00 you are paying for the ability to join a group of Land Based Anglers who wish to improve the rights of common people who fish, and to enjoy these activities in light of common objectives as stated in our clubs formation. Our objectives, rules and code of conduct are formulated in such a way that all members can solidly work towards the improvement and enhancement of recreational fishing in coastal areas Australia wide.

In joining this club as a member, you will participate in activities that strive to achieve these objectives, whilst at the same time continuing the enjoyment of your own fishing lifestyle.

As a member of this club, you will also become an affiliate and member of ANSA NSW. The Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA) has been around for quite a while with divisions right across the country. Of your $50.00, there is $19.00 of it that provides you with ANSA membership. This alone entitles all members to make use of a huge fishing network that strives for the betterment of sportfishing in this country, as well as providing access to claim state, national and world records. ANSA also has conservation and fishing ethics with representation on peak bodies. There are insurance benefits to both the club and individual members if desired, and the ANSA affiliation is part of a huge network of clubs and associations throughout Australia and in fact the world.

In addition, our members are diverse in location and knowledge, have extremely wide ranging experience, and we have a network of professional people who can help maintain and enhance your fishing experience. We are also generously open handed with assistance and friendship where required.

More importantly, you as a member will have the ability to present like minded views with a common theme. These views can be discussed in public forum, or privately with members. You will have the opportunity to express an opinion, and present yourself as a person who cares about your fishing future and help others with the same drive.

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ALBAA Ideals

At ALBAA we neither endorse nor oppose any other fisher groups, don’t wish to be exclusive in any of our endeavours or claim to represent anyone other than ourselves, adhere to a code that gives a consensual representation of club members in all our affairs and are actively engaged in the environmental stewardship that is a pre requisite for "continued and sustainable enjoyment" of the areas in which we fish.

While ALBAA provides all of the basic functions of a traditional fisherman's club we see no conflict in an angler belonging to their parent club and ALBAA, the difference is in our objectives.

ALBAA provides a forum for those interested people to take some of their thoughts out of the shed and share them with a group of like minded and motivated individuals. The Association has been set up in such a way that it is easy to build a team and get things done!

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